Seven Laws of Noah

Universal Laws for All Mankind

The Seven Universal Laws were communicated by G‑d to Adam and Noah, ancestors of all humans. That is what makes them universal for all times, all places and all people.

Laws made by humans change according to circumstances. Laws made by the Creator of All, remain the same for all people and for all times. 

Those who keep the Seven Laws of Noah (Commandments) are considered righteous.

The Seven Laws of Noah are not to be confused with the Ten Commandments, which only apply to Jews.

1. Oneness of G-D - No Idolatry - there is only one G-d. You must believe in the singularity of G-d i.e. there is no g-d of the sun and another g-d of fire, etc. Direct all prayers to G-d and not to idols, angels, man or any intermediary.

Do not make or use an idol or graven image, even for ornamental purposes or turn to idolatry in word, thought, deed or action.

Do not practice or make any use of sorcery, soothsaying, witchcraft, divination, conjury, mediums, demonology, wizardry or necromancy.

2. No Blasphemy - prohibition against expressing disrespect for G-d, swearing or cursing by the name of G-d or using G-d’s name in vain.

3. No Murder - prohibition against murdering another person. This includes suicide and abortion (abortion may be allowed if mother’s life or psychological wellbeing is at risk). Killing in self-defense is not murder.

4. No Sexual Immorality

No adultery (sexual relations between a man and a woman who is married to another man).

No homosexuality (male lying carnally with a male).

No incest (sexual relations between close relatives).

No bestiality (man or woman copulating with a beast).

No rape.

Family unit is the foundation of human society. Respect the institution of marriage, which can only be between a man and a woman.

5. No Theft - no stealing, committing robbery, cheating, overcharging, use or possession of false weights and measures or kidnapping of persons.


6. Cruelty to Animals - do not eat any part of a living creature (limb, flesh, organ, etc.) whilst this creature is still alive.

This is a general commandment against cruelty to animals. Animals were created for our benefit and although we can use animals for food, they must be killed in a humane, quick and painless, manner.


Domesticated animals and pets must be provided with water, food and shelter and must be fed before you eat, although if thirsty, you can quench your thirst first.


7. Establish Courts of Law - to ensure justice in the world, otherwise anarchy will prevail.

There are Noahide communities around the world. Use internet to search for a centre near you.