We're centrally located in Oakleigh South, Vic with good truck access, plenty of parking, close to main highways and public transport. 

FACTORY WAREHOUSE SPACE - 15m2 to 1,000m2 plus (subject to availability) . Forklifts, pallet jacks, trolleys, container ramps, pallet wrapper, carton strapping machine, labour (at $60 / hour), free unlimited WiFi and single phase & 3-phase electricity are all available.  In addition to factory & warehouse space, we have modern, clean and air-conditioned offices that are available for your office admin. 

PALLET STORAGE - $5 weekly (1 - 99) and $4 for 100 plus, 1.2m * 1.2m * 1.6m. No lift-on / lift-off charges.

This woman is taking a train from Melbourne to Sydney and the only seat left is a shared sleeper. She has no choice and purchases the ticket. She walks into the sleeper, no-one is there, so she quickly sleeps into her nighty and goes to bed, hoping that no-one else will turn up.

A few minutes later, a Greek looking guy (hairy chest, gold chains, waxed hair) walk in. He greets her and jumps onto the upper bunk.

By now the woman is feeling relaxed as she was expecting him to start chating her up. 

Suddenly, she sees a small handwritten note being lowered on a string from the upper bunk. She carefully takes the note and reads the following message from the Greek guy:
If you want me, pull on the string once. If you don’t want me, pull on the string 100 times, last 20 times make it really, really fast!

3PL - Pick & Pack - we'll handle all your logistics from start to finish, efficiently and promptly.  We have bar-code printers and all that is necessary to process your orders promptly. 

ARCHIVE STORAGE Short / long term full service archive storage is offered. All your goods will be held in our secure 24/7 CCTV facility. We can collect / deliver (within 2 hours) to you and shred on request. Your docs can be stored as bulk on pallets or in individual archive boxes. All goods are barcoded and securely tracked. Documents can be scanned for easy and fast retrieval.

All prices are ex-gst and are correct at time of publishing.